Monday, July 12, 2010

Safe Sun Gazing

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Kannan said...

Latest Update: as of Sep 22, 2010 I have been doing sun gazing for the last 6 months. I can now safely gaze at the sun at 35 mins at a stretch during safe hours. My calorie intake (food) per day has decreased to 1200 calories per day. I eat mostly fruits and smoothies during the day and a light vegetarian meal at night. Weight is pretty stable. My vision is sharper, energy and awareness level is higher. Health is excellent.

Anonymous said...

ar u confident that u can live on sun without any food and what do u do on a rainy or a cloudy day

Kannan said...

Sujan, I spoke to a few people who have finished the full 9 month process. They still eat but very little, like fruits and salads. While there are also people who kept eating normally inspite of finishing the full 9 month sun gazing process. I think the results vary according to the individual. The hunger level does go down significantly, but if one keeps eating food inspite of not feeling hungry, they will not experience inedia (non-eating). However there are several other benefits from doing sun gazing even if one chooses to continue to eat. I don't watch the sun on cloudy days, only on the days it is visible. The whole process is only 9 months long (I wan't able to finish the 9 month process last time, so have restarted it again this spring), after which the effects are said to be permanent. You can continue to watch the sun 15 minutes a day after that to keep the benefits. Good luck!


I have been sun gazing a little over 5 months, and am up to 31 minutes during a session. I suffer from diabetes, congestive heart failure, psoriatic arthritis, buldging discs, and associated conditions. Desperation brought me to attempt sun gazing, I figured there was nothing to lose, and it was affordable. My at rest pulse was as high as 140 beats per minute last November. With changes in drugs and sun gazing, it is currently closer to 7o beats per minute. This one change has made my life much better. However, when starting, I had severe chronic diarrhea. This is usually completely gone now, though sometimes it falers up. My attitude has improved immensely, feeling much less hostility, anger, and obsession. I had read that teleportation may become possible, and thought, yer, whatever. One night, I had a light like portal appear on the ceiling above my bed. I was frightened and screamed and ran from the room. Is this related to the teleportation issue? I had never experienced anything like this before, and am wondering if anyone else has? At any rate, I am gradually getting healthier, and am grateful for the info everyone shares about their positive experiences with sun gazing. Thanks to All!

Kannan said...

Hi Will, good to hear that you have been sungazing consistently for the last five months are are upto 31 minutes...congratulations! Good to hear about all the positive changes that you are experiencing.

will said:
" One night, I had a light like portal appear on the ceiling above my bed...."

Wow will, I've never experienced anything like that. Personally my main experiences from sungazing are:
1. Improvement of vision (became much sharper, although i though I already had "perfect" vision.
2. Peace of mind. When I do sungazing regularly, there's deep stillness in the brain. Sometime I am aware even when the body is asleep and I wake up completely fresh in the morning.
3. Unconditional joy. I feel a lot of joy in the heart chakra and feel like nectar is flowing in and out of the crown chakra and third eye chakra. (Again usually when I am doing SG regularly)
4. Higher energy and needing lesser food (hunger supression).

So most of my experiences are internal. I haven't had any external experiences or visions, let alone ability to teleport. I beleive HRM himself travels by plane :) You can write to him about your experiences to see what he thinks. Also feel free to post your comment on the youtube video might get more feedback from more sungazers.

Peace and best wishes to you!


Thanks Kannan,

Probably just watched 1 too many X Files epsodes. It happens. Thought I'd post just in case...